Uphold Withdrawal Fees! (Updated)

Hi there, (Updated at the Bottom)
I am a publisher of over 4-5 month now and I already have a verified account and uphold account.
I remember doing couple of transfers out of my uphold account couple month ago and they didn’t charge me any BAT on Network fees or any other fees.

Now they are charging About 6-7 BAT per transfer out (Only talking BAT transfers that were earned by my websites/channels/ and my personal Brave Rewards), I don’t use the uphold account for any other transfers.

Were there a new update on the Uphold-Brave agreement of NO/Zero fees for BAT withdrawal from Uphold wallet?

Kindly verify whether something has changed or whether this is something that you will look into!.
Thanks. D

Update 18/11/2020
Contacted Uphold Support and their simple and quick reply was:
Any Transfers/Withdrawals of BAT 100 or more are Free of Network Fees.
Anything less than that will be around BAT 30.

Have you consulted them before and what did they said about the issue?

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