Uphold unreasonably high fees to send BAT

Why Brave uses only Uphold to transfer BAT to publishers. Uphold now charges 20 BAT network fee for a withdrawal. That’s too high.


This will kill the economic incentive of using the Brave Browser to earn BAT

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Brave should encourage Uphold to use layer 2 solutions such as OMG. That way the fee is reduced and they can charge a much lower fee.

You can withdraw with XRP blockchain for small network fee. BAT withdrawal is free but network fee is not free. I try withdraw with XRP blockchain still work with same estimated price.

Try to put first any amount of BAT. It will be changed from 20 to FREE. I just tried. See it for yourself.

Same problem here. Please solve this problem or use another company.

Enter the full amount in the field, you get a zero commission. Quest completed

Uphold do have some metrics on these type of transactions.

Please do refer the below link for more details.


THAT´s wrong. Network fee is 20.00 BAT. I want to send 11.BAT to another wallet.

I now used xrp with low fees. But 20 BAT network fee is rip off

8 hours ago I brought 100+ bat from uphold to binance, there was no commission. Perhaps you have a commission due to a small amount.


<100 BAT:

Variable Network Fee

=100 BAT:


Here’s the link:

If Brave had governance integrated into the coin then the community could vote for using OMG as a layer 2 solution that is ready to go.

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