Brave Browser wallet for Non-Advertiser and Creator


I would like to ask if someone downloaded Brave browser using my link, and she didn’t apply as Content Creator or Advertiser at Brave, does she need to register with Uphold to get her earnings?

Or the Brave browser itself can manage the payment.

Hope to hear from you soon.


If they enable brave:rewards and opt-in to Brave Ads, it’ll be deposited

  • to brave:rewards wallet
  • or their Uphold account (if they have it connected)
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Hey, El juno

Thanks for your prompt reply. May I ask you if how may I check if my brave rewards wallet are connected to my Uphold. I already checked today my Uphold account, it is all zero balance, the statistics on my Brave Creator shows the month of June already, there are at 20 who downloaded and 4 installed last month of May. So, I expecting there will be some credit at least to show.
May I hear you again.


First, to make it clear:

  • brave:rewards wallet and is two different wallet with different proposes. They not related to each others.
  • brave:rewards is user wallet while is for creator

If you mean brave:rewards, click BAT triangle icon at URL bar. There you’ll find “Wallet verified” at upper left of the panel. Same thing will be shown on brave:rewards.

Hi Juno,

As you have said, I did it to connect my Brave wallet to Uphold, There is a confirmation from Uphold that it is connected. Now, I’m worried if my BAT or Brave Browser usage for the month of May can be still counted?
Will it be lost?

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