Cannot withdraw BAT in Brave Creator

Good Day! I have a problem in withdrawing BAT in Brave Creator. It says that

" At the time we generated the payout report, your identity was not yet verified through Uphold.
You will not be able to receive payment for this cycle. "

I do not know why I cannot withdraw my BAT . My Uphold account is already verified and it keeps on saying that my Uphold account is not yet verified.

There is also prompt saying:

“To receive your contribution balance, you’ll need to fully verify your identity on Uphold.” What is the meaning of fully verify? When I am looking at my Uphold account, it says that I am verified.

Please help me regarding on this matter. Thank you.

Hi @Kevrymar - to confirm, have you linked your Uphold account to your Brave wallet?

Yes I already linked and verified . I already got my payout on Normal Brave Ad Reward, but when it comes to “Brave Creator” (BAT got from referral), it says that I am not yet verified, although I already verified it and linked to my brave wallet.

Seems like your Uphold is not"connected properly".

And like in the 1st message you’ll not receive your BAT in todays payout.

I would suggest you to reconnect your Uphold account – there’s a disconnect button on your dashboard. Just to make sure the second message disappear and you’ll be eligible for next month payout.

Why is it that I am able to withdraw my BAT in Brave Rewards but I cannot withdraw my BAT in Brave Creator? I think that Brave Rewards and Brave Creator should both use my uphold account. Therefore, if I cannot withdraw in Brave Creator then I must also cannot withdraw in Brave Rewards. How this happened?

Does disconnecting Uphold account resets the BAT Balance in brave creator as well as in brave rewards?

@eljuno Thank you. The 2nd prompt regarding on uphold verification is fixed. The first prompt is the only one remaining. and brave:rewards is two different things with different purposes. The first one is for creator and the latter is for (browser) user. It’s not connecting to each others. Not all Brave users is creator and vice versa.

Payout for creators is automatically happens once a month, every 8th.

Expected. It’ll still show you the message until this month payout is finished. And like in the message, you’ll not received your BAT (in your Uphold) this month because the “connection problem”.

Again, but you should be OK for next month payout.

Thank you @eljuno I appreciate your help :slight_smile:

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