Uphold verifed account unable to link with brave browser

I have two uphold verifed accounts when i tried to logout one account and open another its showing error !
@steeven @Plink82 please resolve my error soon i tried this solution[Uphold wallet disconnected from verified wallet and now it cant be connected back - #8 by Plink82] but it did not help

I’m not exactly sure what is going on there. Were you just trying to log into Uphold through the website, or were you trying to link the second account to your Brave wallet? This is pretty obvious, but you can only have one Uphold account linked to your Brave wallet at time.

Were you trying to verify your Brave wallet with a second Uphold account, and then got this error message? Then when you tried to log into your old account it won’t let you? If that is the case, the only thing that I can think of is that it is a protective measure to prevent your Brave wallet balance from being transferred twice. Kind of like a double spend solution, although I could be completely wrong about that. If you haven’t already, I would first suggest re-verifying you uphold account with your Brave wallet. If that doesn’t/didn’t work, I would suggest waiting a few days until the network finishes processing all of the transactions to re-verify your wallet with the original Uphold account.

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. I’m not a mod or anything. Just another ignored user.

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@Plink82 @steeven Actually the thing is I and my friend share a laptop for 15 days he will log in his verifed account uphold account and after 15 days i will login my verified uphold account to brave .this was running fine since 2 months but now, yesterday when he logged out I tried to login and link to brave but was unable to log in was getting the error as showed in pic of yestrdays post

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