Brave wallet won't let me link to new Uphold account, because wallet is still synced to old Uphold account

I had 2 Brave Wallets correctly linked to a uphold account. But, Uphold closed that account because I requested to update email address. Now I am running into issues with the Brave Wallets not being able to connect to the new uphold account.

When I click “Verify Wallet”, it allows me to go to uphold and continue to log in. Every time I try to verify the wallet, I get this error message:
Wallet linking failed
It looks like your Brave Rewards wallet has already been verified with another Uphold account. Please try verifying again using your previous account.

So the 2 wallets look to still be connected to my old Uphold account, that I no longer have access to. I tried messaging Uphold, they mentioned Brave has to fix this issue. I have tried sending in support tickets to Brave, but they stopped responding on my first ticket earlier this month. They are also not responded on another ticket I tried sending this week.

Can anyone else provide guidance on how to disconnect the wallet from my old Uphold account, that I no longer have access to?

Thank you.

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