link with Uphold account

I am not able to link my brave rewards account with Uphold account
“Hmm, it looks like your Brave Rewards wallet has already been verified with another Uphold account. Please try verifying again using your previous account.”.While I may have linked to another uphold account but that account is now suspended and I cannot access it.It would be nice if any one could help me

Well then, that’s the issue. Can’t just switch one Uphold account to another. At least not easily. While there are ways to go about this, such as resetting your Rewards and then connecting, I’m going to move on to the next important statement you made.

According to Uphold’s TOS, you can only have one account per person. For you to be talking of linking to a second account, it doesn’t really sound good. While it might belong to someone you know, it still comes across as intentionally violating Terms and trying to circumvent things like your suspension. Otherwise there should be no way you have a second account you would try to connect. If that’s the situation, then you’d be putting the other account at risk as well.

the od account are closed and uphold have transfer the funds to new account.
now I want to associate the brave account to the new uphold account.

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