Uphold trade fees ($1)

Is there any other way besides uphold or dash to withdraw?

I usually do: Brave - Bat → Uphold → Bat to dash → Withdraw dash.

but now there is a 1$ fee to trade it.

there is no way around the fee if that’s what you mean, any trade under $100 has a $1 fee. they added it a few months ago sadly. only option is pay it or wait until you have $100 worth of bat before trading it.

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That was my conclusion also. But I submitted ticket on Uphold to give (negative) feedback. Pointed out how it adversely affected people with low balances such as Brave users, or perhaps just getting into crypto with small amounts. We all understand they need to earn their fees, but this fee structure seems unfair, and not very inclusive (small amounts pay the fees, large amounts don’t). It would be fairer to apply a small percentage to low balances, and perhaps a small capped fee for those in the money. In either situation, that would sit more comfortably with me!

yea it sucks to be sure, but I kind of understand it. they can make money on the spread for large trades, but if most brave users are like me they probably don’t spend any actual money there either. I have never even added any funding source to my account. everything I have ever gotten with uphold came from brave or blockreward.app

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