Uphold is asking 0.99 USD for withdrawal from Brave Reward members whose earnings are under 250 USD

Uphold did not receive exchange fees until this month. However, this month it brought 0.99 usd exchange fee to incomes below 250 usd.If I pay 1.15 Usd 0.99 exchange fee this month, my earnings remain 0.34 XRP. We are Brave Reward members, why is this deduction made, what does it cost?

Yes, they do. Uphold is a business and fees are their income.

The solution is to accumulate until it has a considerable amount. Ideally over 250 USD not to pay the fee. But, even an amount of 100 USD would be already affordable, it would be like a 1% fee.

Before this no charge new coming this charge… Im not earning enough brave reward…

3 May 2023 Çar 14:55 tarihinde Rodrige via Brave Community <notifications@brave.discoursemail.com> şunu yazdı:

@kingcarmadon Uphold has always charged this fee but they added exceptions to Rewards. Unfortunately, they removed this exception from BAT as they needed the money to keep things going. For those like yourself who say they are making less than that, it just means you’re going to have to wait longer to withdraw the BAT.

That said, Brave has long been in talks with other custodial partners and trying to make arrangements. One day they will finalize agreements and get the API added, which may give people more options.

Until then, they have to cover costs. Getting BAT deposited to Uphold isn’t free. Also withdrawing BAT and/or converting to other currencies aren’t free either. They have gas fees, network fees, and other things that normally get taken out of pocket. If they offer to do that for free, then they will be losing a lot of money. Even if it’s just pennies per transaction, Brave has millions of users. Think about it, even $0.01 per user at a million users would be $10,000 a month they’d be losing. Would that sound reasonable to you, that a company that exists for profit would be throwing away that much money?

IMO for proportionality’s sake, just as Brave charge 5% Uphold should also have us pay a percentage of the total amount, regardless of how much we’re transacting. Uphold shouldn’t be saying its FREE if you’re rich and 99c if you’re not. It’s like Robin Hood in reverse (taking from the poor to give to the rich). I’ve complained to Uphold and specifically asked for my feedback to be referred upwards. I suggest others do too. If you say nothing, nothing gets fixed.

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