Uphold charge is too much how to get brave rewords directly to coinbase account without help of upholdd

Recently I transfer my bat to my coinbase bat wallet and uphold charge is 7 bat and I got only 0.17 bat in my coinbase account

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Bro uphold show that they don’t charge for commission in trade. like 0% and all. but they did. they call it spread fee. which mean u technically spread you leg and they UP HOLD you.

Please upvote this feature request if you’d like an alternative to Uphold

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@mohonta96 First exchange BAT to XRP in Uphold itself and then send XRP anywhere it has very low transaction and network fee

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@Aman_M Look I agree that Uphold had a great feature like trade and all. They put in the old version that try out a new version it’s 0% in this 0% in that. I bought the trade when bat goes down that I change to USD when the BAT when UP. The problem here is Not only I didn’t make profit, I lose some of my BAT. I figure out that It’s called spread fee and there are extra charge on Hour other than 9-4pm ET.
And I found out That every transaction to your bank you have to wait for 64 days. Yes 2 month to get your money. lol

Yes they do charge fee which is slightly on the higher side (upto 1.8%). And 1% spread outside market hours (beyond 9.30am to 4pm ET) is only on equities and not on cryptocurrencies. However loosing BAT is definetly outrageous.

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