Uphold Service unsatisfactory, not worth it IMHO. Here's why

I was excited to begin using Brave and wanted to accelerateability to pay publishers by donating my own money. Currently, that requires Uphold account as I understand it and later, credit cards will be enabled. So I chose to use Uphold so I could donate to websites.

I successfully created an Uphold account, but verification failed (my copy of ID had a watermark they rejected) and they then suspended my account, so I can no longer log in to submit an ID with no watermark. I’ve corresponded with Uphold support over the last week-they have sent me two emails with links to enter and submit my new copy of ID. However, neither links worked, only got error messages.

This plus the number of issues with Uphold has led me to decide to wait until Brave accepts credit cards for donations. my patience with Uphold has expired. I was also nervous about supplying copy of ID (I’ve not had to do that for any other web service) and they want to connect to my bank account??? No thanks. Uphold may be legit service, but they have lost my confidence.

I would appreciate hearing if Uphold issues are resolved or if alternate means of donating are available.

Thanks for the feedback, @caakc0dwi.

First, you don’t need an Uphold account if you only want to fund your brave://rewards wallet. You can use other exchange to buy BAT or other supported currency then send it to your brave://rewards wallet. If you send other crypto currency, it’ll be converted to BAT in the background. https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360027276731-Brave-Rewards-FAQ

AFAIK it’ll be implemented via Uphold too. You may want to contact Uphold team regarding your account.

You not need to “connect” your bank account. Unless you want to withdrawal your money from Uphold.

Thanks for response @eljuno. I appreciate your response, it shows you understand my issues, which Uphold did not seem to. I don’t have any crypto currency yet, nor interest to try. Should I?

Thanks for info that Uphold only needs bank info to transfer money out. Since I’m not trying to make money, but distribute equitably to publishers (I support Brave in this!) I don’t plan to take money out, but donate to publishers I value, like Wikipedia for example.

Perhaps I shouldn’t disparage Uphold just yet–I hadn’t heard of them prior installing Brave. I may take a second look and vet them in the future when the spirit moves me. Cheers.

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