Can we add some other wallets for the rewards program?

I really love the idea for brave rewards to compensate people who contribute to the web and to keep the web free and open. I started to accumulate BAT in my rewards profile to contribute to Wikipedia, Duck Duck Go and a few other sites that are very useful to me and the free internet.

However, my experience with Uphold wallet has been very poor. My initial thoughts of the Uphold site were that it was simple and elegant. I happily setup an account and transferred some BAT tokens that were in my current crypto wallet.


  1. After sending my only government issued ID, taking multiple pictures of my face and submitting the information 3 times, I was denied verification. (I have used the same form of ID for multiple crypto wallets and exchanges.)
  2. I contacted support to change my email address which I was not allowed to do until I verified my account.
  3. After being denied verification with my only government issued ID (not expired, or in poor condition and contained all necessary data i.e. name, dob, address, etc.) I sent out the $7.81 of crypto that I had transferred in to start rewarding contributors. Uphold took about 70% of that $7.81 in fees to transfer.
  4. All of this keeps me from participating in the brave rewards program.

This really hurts the crypto community and the brave rewards program. I checked their reviews and all negative reviews have to do with the verification process or the transferring of funds.

I just have to ask if we can consider some other wallets or other options to store our crypto for the brave rewards program? I see that we can add hardware wallets and other crypto wallets to brave for interaction with dApp and transfers. I am wondering if there is a way to connect something like that with brave rewards? Thank you for your time and assistance.

Hi @merlaux thanks for your detailed feedback.

At the moment, Uphold is our only method for KYC. Can you PM me your Uphold login email? I can take a look.

Hello @Asad thanks for your help. I already asked Uphold to delete my wallet since I could not verify and needed to change my email. (I created the email and did not add a backup email. Forgot my password. I can still receive emails on the app I am logged into but cannot login and update my information otherwise. So I needed to change it.) I can create another account and try again if that is ok with you?

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Yes, go ahead and try creating another account – we’d be happy to take a look on our end.