Must I use uphold?

I don’t know where I can post this but hopefully in the right topic I am doing. it says support
My question is that:
Must I use Uphold? Othewise the browser will not count anything even the reward is enabled?
Because it is not my taste to upload sensitive information to the internet as my Identify card copy. It is too dangerous to upload such information. With other words I don’t trust those companies which request’s such sensitive information.

In the browser there is the local wallet. Can’t that be used instead as primary and then the people can send to Uphold if they want.

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Only if you want to withdrawal BAT from your brave://rewards wallet.

You can use Brave Rewards to earn BAT from Brave Ads and then use it to support creators/publishers.

I signed up for uphold. I am worried about how their customer service is. So far nothing has happened yet. I am trying to figure out how to transfer my wallet to another computer though

@eljuno So do you mean if I don’t register an Uphold account then even so I will get BAT and later I can decide if I want support content creators and/or put in my Uphold future account?

@Artsoul Did you verify your account there with your personal information, ID, driver license and so on?

I did verify my account

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