Uphold says it has closed my account!

I was setting up verification. I gave the docs+selfie etc and within hour they says your a/c is on hold and in few hours they even closed it permanently.
“Based on the results of recent review, we are not able to offer you access to an uphold account and it has been closed permanently”
And all this happened without every telling me what went wrong. I have asked them in 4 suport tix and they(or their robots) keep giving me template answers which are totally vague and make no sense to me.
My BAT(93) or like17$. I shows in the brave browser. I don’t want to withdraw it but I also don’t know if its safe or did Uphold eat it up?
Uphold staff is really very rude and kinda stupid. I am getting tired creating support tix and they are just giving weird answers.
What should I do?

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Hi @thevikas,

Can you PM me your Uphold email address? I can touch base with Uphold and take a look.

do you have any other way to withdraw BAT that earned from ads except uphold wallet. now or in the near future do you have plan to directly withdraw BAT from browser to wallet address in order to maintain the full privacy of users. for the time being the brave is not privacy respected as its all users disclose their KYC to its wallet partner Uphold. brave browser Slogan is not what it should be.

@aswin700 KYC is required by law. https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360032158891-What-is-KYC-

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