Region not supported (Switzerland)

Hi, I’m in Switzerland and since a couple of weeks I can’t log in to my Uphold wallet telling me that my region is not supported. However, Switzerland should be supported as per their list. Anyone has any idea what is going on? Thank you!

Switzerland is not supported

Brave is working on solutions to bring most countries back. Although some countries will be more difficult due to local regulations.
At the moment your only option is to keep accumulating the rewards until your country is supported.

Switzerland was blocked in July, then reinserted in August (you had to resend your ID to Uphold), and now blocked again in October. It seems either the regulation changes months to months, or / and Brave or / and Uphold / Gemini changed multiple time that didn’t comply with the regulation.

I guess we should expect a lot of country block / unblock in the next months. And every time resend proof of your identity. Despitre Switzoerland being very crypto friendly.

Hello, I’m from Switzerland, I have the same problem. Wouldn’t it be possible to simply transfer our BATs to the Brave wallet? Do you know the reason why Uphold does not consider Switzerland? Indeed our country is very open to WEB3! I’m a bit surprised… Thank you for your feedback.

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From my understanding, recieved BAT in browser can only be “moved” to

  • either a Brave creator as donation
  • or transfered to a “partnered” exchange (Uphold, Gemini)

Moving Rewards directly from the browser to the browser wallet is not possible. :person_shrugging:t2:

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Thank you for your answer @twenster.
It would have been easier to do so :frowning: .
Especially since I have installed and synchronized Brave on several devices. I notice that I can’t create a Brave Creator account either because Switzerland is not recognized when I want to link my wallet… I hope this will change soon, we are a small country, but we also exist and as I said in my previous post, many startups in the Web3 world are Swiss (Swissborg, Mt Pelerin, Bity, Origyn Foundation, to name a few…)

Have a nice day

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