Germany unsupported region?

I just expereinced that I can´t verfy the link between my Uphold accound and the brave browser to receive rewards.
It says that my region is not supported. I live in Germany and never had these issues.

What can I do to reestablish the link between my Brave browser and Uphold to receive rewards?

Thanks a lot for your help


That risks getting flagged.

Yes, that is cause Germany as of now is not supported for verification of brave rewards.

There’s nothing you can do. You will have to wait till Brave supports verification for Germany. Not sure when that should be as Germany is in a unique position right now. Germany is more restricted and complicated due to rules & regulations there and a lot of other stuff. Brave has a target of getting most workable regions back by the end of the year so probably you’ll have to wait till then.

Using a VPN will not be of much use: you need to use an exchange in your country of residence.


Sorry, I was unaware about the VPN rules. Ok do not do that then

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