Uphold is reporting to us that your account connection

Yes, publishers is working already for a couple of days without showing that message.

Yes, device limit has been removed.

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OK, thanks for this I’ll give it a go. Did you have to wait an extra month after reconnecting for rewards to be transferred to Uphold, or did they just go through as usual?

issue still present


  • Disconnect and reconnect
  • Log out
  • Wait few hours
  • Log in again and check

I don’t think we need to wait another month. Payment should come in the middle of this month as usual.


Good morning, it’s been 1 month but the uphold problem still hasn’t been resolved, I’ve been waiting for my payment for around 3 months, currently it tells me that the payment will be generated on September 13, let’s hope so since the date always arrives of payment and it is not done, the strange thing is that the account that is associated in creators is the same with which I receive Brave Rewards payments month by month, I would like you to please help us with this problem since no solution is received since months. Thank you

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It’s been 2+ months and the issue is still there, tried everything already.

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I am getting the same error message. I contacted uphold and they stated my account is up to date and I need to contact Brave.

Same here no response from anyone on this issue in the last three months.

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