Uphold Fees - Brave Browser and BAT Rewards Scheme

NOW if it’s not bad enough that Brave Browser has been have MASSIVE issues with its BAT rewards scheme. NOW we it costs us a FEE of 10 BAT to transfer it out to our UPHOLD wallet. It’s Not worth it after having to sit through ads being thrown at you 5 times an hour for a return per month that gets smashed with a 10 BAT fee. Dosn’t leave much left to transfer.
GOOD LORD what next … this is becoming a farse Brave and almost untenable for the common user to take advantage of… I am seriously thinking of ditching this browser and it’s so called crypto scheme… #poor #vivaldisofast

the transaction fees is effected for all eth based crypto.
try transacting BAT for XRP or some other token and then transfer to other wallet.
use uphold mobile application to change to xrp there is no charge for it .

@botroy - WOW really thank you for your great information and here I was thinking that it would always cost me 10 BAT regardless. I will try what you say to avoid the fees that kill us every time.

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:smiley: happy to help

@botroy - so do you do from Brave Browser to XRP in uphold and then sell XRP to BAT in the Uphold platform well.
Don’t you lose BAT value in the translation of XRP to BAT? or is it better than a 10 BAT fee?

For conversion you loose 1.5% of value, but is better than 10BAT.

use uphold beta or mobile app there is no commission no exchange but yes the price is a bit low in that trade

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