Uphold is a terrible partner and they are unable to resolve simple issues

Uphold is a terrible partner for the Brave browser reward system. I have submitted documents multiple times, even was verified for a few days! Then, out of nowhere, they revoked my verification and blamed me for the problem saying I submitted too many verification requests which somehow means I need to “submit yet another verification request”. My problem is this, I submitted the proper documents, I eventually became verified, why can’t they just go look at my submission that verified me originally and fix their problem? Instead I keep getting told that I need to resubmit forms. This is unnecessary because they already have the forms and verified the forms once. Also, this is not my problem, but their problem. If their system is so terrible that they can’t simply go in and view my previous submissions, which according to their own system, were good enough for verification, then maybe they need a new system. Every support analyst has been unhelpful and incompetent in understanding that the problem is not on my end, but on their end. Please adopt another verification partner that actually has legitimate customer service and a customer friendly interface.

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