Help, I can't validate my uphold account with brave rewards

So I created an uphold account and validated it. No problem with that. But no matter how many times I press the " Verify with uphold " button, it just redirects me to the dashboard. Nothing more, I just don’t understand

Oh and I use Brave V1.4.95

Hi @Cozax, welcome to Community!

Can try signing out of Uphold. The going to brave://rewards/, then clicking verify wallet. Once it takes you to the sign up screen on Uphold, scroll down and click Already have an account? Login here

Hey, I tried but it doesn’t work too, it just redirects me to the dashboard… And thanks for your reply

Can you show me a screen shot of what you’re seeing here:

Have you tried exiting Brave, closing all instances with Task Manager and then reopening Brave?

Yeah, It’s weird :confused:

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