Uphold is a bad partner and is obstructing the Brave adoption

Dear Brave,

I am very fond of your project and your browser. Things look good. But Uphold does not. I have been struggling this entire evening with setting up things. But when uploading documents, signing into my support ticket, etc. there are always network or Zendesk problems. Uphold is obstructing the adoption of the Brave browser. I am quiting my attempts and will return to Chrome until Uphold has matured or until Brave has contracted a technically reliable partner. This is very unfortunate for the Brave project which demands that users work with Uphold and also for users like me.

Best regards,

A dissapointed Brave user


Thanks for the feedback @Arvin,

For now, Uphold is required for publishers in order to receive their contribution. The team also working and exploring more method for this. Like partnership with Civic for KYC, so publishers can use their own wallet address. https://brave.com/brave-civic-partnership/

For your issue with Uphold, you may want to adjust your shields settings (Brave icon at URL bar). Like “Device recognition allowed” or “Allow all cookies”.

I tried it with Chrome now, and there it worked better. I got things installed. I can now continue trying the Brave browser I hope.

Thanks for the answer.

I tried to change my email at Uphold. It’s ridiculous what they demand on KYC for that. I’m absolutely done with Uphold and its unreasonable demands! And if that means that I need to stop using Brave: So be it!

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