Uphold disconnect from creator always

why uphold always disconnected from creator … please check screenshot below…

Hi, i have same problem, you fix it? please tell me what to do

You know. I’m starting to think there is an issue with becoming a a creator? May I ask when did you both sign up to be a creator @JmQuirog @desenefaine ? Now that I think back to it when starting my own website and doing more creative content online on twitter, I figure I’d sign up for the program so I could maybe get more BAT, by adding brave ads and macro’s to the site. That was close to a year ago, when I realized I wasn’t getting anymore ad’s to read, and not getting any BAT anymore? \My uphold account says unverified. So I click on the uphold icon to verify, I log in, the page loads up for a second and just disappears, and I get a message. MY message looks a bit different and had a click here link which brings me into here the chat room with a big banner saying. “Your account has been flagged, don’t worry as this happens often, we check accounts routinely and will get to you soon and fix your account. etc”
Also as I keep reading otther people with same issues. I think there is some kind of glitch possibly when becoming a creator. Maybe there is something that Brave and Uphold have to talk to eachother about so BAT get’s routed in a different way, maybe. Kind of like if you started your own LLC. Or maybe we give up the rights for earning BAT for reading ad’s and websites. Which wouldn’t make sense, I joined the Brave affiliate program, got a bunch of advertising kits w/ different banners. All my sites, twitter account, have been verified successfully.
Last time I got paid was maybe last November or later. I couldn’t believe it my self that I got $300 worth of Bat at the time" maybe that’s why they flagged my account. I was doing a lot of content creating and even advertising for Brave for free. I know I had got a good chunk of it from people on Twitter who tipped me when twitter had those little BAT tip icons on people’s accounts.
Well anyway’s just trying to do some detective work and when I see new posts with similar issues but also different. I like to try and deep dive into it. Maybe it will help Brave Admins/Creators. They probably don’t know as much as us the consumer, because we are the one’s using the browser 24/7 and going through all kind of sites and research, while Brave Programmers aare to busy reading/writing code and fixing other issues. But this could be something to look into if Anyone from Brave is reading this. something seems to happen when people sign up as creators. I still need to get back to brave support and send all my screen shots. It annoys me more and more when I see a small amount of BAT and never grows like it use to with all the researching I do. I’m addicted to Brave. Truly blocks a lot of trackers, malware stuff that most people don’t even think about. With cyber security on the raise to, i feel a little bit safer on Brave. I could only imagine how many people probably try to hack Brave because they are just bored hackers sitting in the basement all day. I like to stay on the good side of the law. Sorry, I type faster then I think and end up with a paragraph…lol. Thank you for posting your issues, helps me put some things together that could maybe help the BRAVE team, and for me to finally get my BAT. Even with all my vpn’s from other countries, click&clean, virus blockers. I just hope Brave doesn’t make us turn all that security off just to make a BAT. Some websites do that. It’s not worth getting 2 satoshi’s for typing a article and then maybe get another 5 sat’s in the future if you get enough likes. At least Brave fixed the VPN part, and was able to get BAT’s with vpn still on.
Oh the main thing I wanted to respond to this to, was because I got email from a BAT Admin who wrote me the same thing that your pop up warning says. I didn’t change password or change anything. At same time, I never got that message pop-up. Mine looked different. Forgot exactly what it said.

how did u get this much bat

can get link of your channel or site i want to tip u u r great

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im using yt channel and already monitized … sorry but im not clearly dont know what you mean …

Please do not solicit tips here on Community.
This issue should now be resolved. Please try dis/reconnecting your wallet from your Creator account and the error should go away.

Thank you.


I have similar issue, but not he same, and I’m unable to disconnect/connect as I’m not connected (probably)

Is this something else ?

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Issue not fixed, appear again after 1 day, i try also with other browser, and with app and no work appear same error

@desenefaine can you please send me a DM with the email address associated with your Creators account? Having your Uphold ID (found on your Uphold account: Menu/more --> Profile --> Uphold ID) would also be helpful.

Thank you.

I had the same problem with my creator account, I disconnected and then reconnected, but the problem persisted after a day

still not solve …same issue can’t disconnect uphold from Creator

Will this issue affect creator payments in the next cycle my friends

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