Is Payout for Creators Done already?

Hi Team,

is Payout for Creators still on process ? haven’t received my confirmed referrals yet, but i already received my BAT ads Rewards to my uphold account.

Thank you so much for your hard work!

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Yes. It’s still 8th on US.

i havent paid since i started it. As you can see from ss i need to get fully verified on uphold, but i already verified. Can you help me to solve this problem

Thank you! man. appreciate your help

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waiting for update. I’ve same issue

Buenas tardes, me pusieron en revision mi cuenta no entiendo el motivo si mi canal de youtube tiene mas de 7600 suscriptores y soy editor de contenido, comparto mi enlaces de referidos todo el tiempo en youtube, facebook y twitter, el mes pasado me pagaron mas de 1000 bat y este mes esperaba 900 bat que son menos, por favor necesito que me solucionen.

@Ganaa1230 I would suggest you to reconnect your Uphold account. And then wait for the next payout.

@orlandomorales like in the screenshot, please reach out via email to

received my Creator Payout, Thank you guys for your hard work! :slight_smile:


I have yet to receive the reward

hi @eljuno when payout process done ?

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Did the pay out stop? Today is 9th. I have not still get bat

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