I've never received my Creators funds

Hi Brave Team,

I have about 170 BAT in my creators account which is rewarded for referral program. I verified my Uphold account on May 10 but I’ve never received my Creators funds. Please help.

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Same here. I also have some bat in creators account. But it never gets transferred to uphold.

Hi @neilshuo, please DM me the email linked to your account. Thanks!

I’ve never received my creator’s funds too, but I saw from my Creators dashboard that a payout was made to my uphold since Jun 14, till now I don’t see anything or even a transaction pending.
Please what’s this about @steeven

Isn’t it showing up on your Uphold Transaction list?

It’s not. but Creators statement is showing that the funding went through.
Unless I’m missing something, that’s what I see.

Can you send the Screenshot of both the Creator’s page and the Uphold Transactions?

Because this doesn’t happen usually. Also check which Uphold Account has been linked to your Creators account.

exactly same thing for me and it’s been 2 months saying payout still process

Same I have received about 17 BATs from my viewers. But I haven’t received any payout yet on my Uphold account since the time I joined Brave Publishers (about 2 months ago).

Hello @steevan I also not received my brave publisher BAT. You always say DM you. Please give your email I’d . I contact email.

I DM you the email linked to my account once I saw your reply. But nothing happens, I missed my August payout once again as before.

Maybe it is my fault to trust you. I will never recommend Brave Browser or anything you create in the future to my audience. Thanks any way.

Hi @neilshuo please see my DM. Thank you.

Please DM your email if you haven’t already.