Uphold Device Removal Failed

I went through the whole removing a device from Uphold using the form previously posted but I am still getting a device limit reached message - so it looks like no device was removed. I have tried requesting an update from the emails but have had no response since support said they had removed a device. It is insane to leave users in limbo like this when they are following the archaic rules prescribed by Brave. More insane was being asked to provide the wallet references for device long since removed - this was one of the questions support asked for even though I had said I had no devices connected to Uphold anymore.

I have the same problem got an email from Arya @ (Brave Software) stating We’ve processed your request but I still cant verify my wallet on 2nd device android mobile. I sent my Custodian member ID which is linked to my uphold wallet but no device was removed when I try to verify I just get sent back to the rewards page. I just keep going round in circles.

Yeah, I got the same ‘wash their hands of it’ email twice. It looks like they are being ‘selective’ about removing the links and then washing their hands of it when they fail.
There are loads of different browsers available and my experience with this is making me look elsewhere now. I am fast losing faith in Brave as a company. Especially as I am down around 5BAT this month (received a single payment of just under 0.5BAT when I was expecting a few totalling about 5.

So how we can solve it, how to unlink device from uphold

@jnasser The problem is not uphold brave put limit on how many devices we can link to uphold which is 4 only brave can remove devices for us but that still dont work.

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