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Hello, I deleted my uphold account from my old brave account and now I am not receiving any rewards. But even though I removed this integration, I am having device limit problem. Please let me link with uphold because I am in no way affiliated with brave rewards anymore with my uphold account.



So you arranged your Brave Rewards settings, such that, your use of Brave Rewards has been divorced from Uphold.

Yet, apparently, some connection between Uphold and something . . . somewhere . . . within your Brave Browser installation, has not complied with your expectation.

Such that, you are not able to use Brave Browser to Sign In at Uphold.

Where I get that wrong, please specifiy. And, have you tried a different Internet browser, for connecting to Uphold and your Uphold account?

ISSUE: Device Limit Reached

Context :
How many Brave Rewards wallets can be linked to my crypto custodian account?

This link is for Instructions and a link to the Request form to Unlink a Device :
How to Submit a Wallet Unlinking Request

Detailed Instructions with Screenshots below:
How to Remove Verified Devices (screenshots)
Thanks to @Herrvader for the all screenshots!

Brave is removing linking limits. Hopefully soon.
Brave GitHub Issue Report :
Implement solution for linking limits

Update (Linking Limits):

Comment by Miyayes (Issue Author/Brave-Browser Collaborator)

Brave is removing linking limits tomorrow. Hopefully the implementation is still on schedule!

Brave GitHub Issue Report :
Implement solution for linking limits #18572

Miyayes commented

Hi all, just wanted to give an update here. We had a meeting today to review everything for launch, and the plan is to go live sometime this Wednesday (May 25, 2022). Thanks all.

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