Uphold change in transfer policy?

Well, now that the uphold issues of denial of access have finally been resolved, at least for most of the people, I think that this should be known. If you want to convert your BAT into fiat currency, I.e. to your bank account, you should know that if your transfer is les than $500 you will incur a $.99 cent fee to do so. Also, it seems like you have to do a transfer of at least $10. Now, I’m not going to blame Uphold for making a little money and for me it is found money anyway, for using the browser that I like. However it is noteworthy that Uphold- a company which is based largely on cryptocurrency, is not very competitive in this regard. With banks, credit cards, electronic payments and other digital methods you will not have to worry about such fees. Thus, the notion that cryptocurrencies are even remotely ready to substitute for currency is kind of laughable. Anyone else have thoughts about this? Thanks and have a good day.

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