Uphold BAT Wallet Country Match Error

Hi, I have tried to verify my brave rewards using Uphold and I have been notified that the country doesn’t match to my Uphold account.
During Brave rewards activation I have selected United Kingdom, however during Uphold KYC verification I have submitted Polish passport as I don’t have British citizenship.
I live in UK over 8 years, the residential address and country in Uphold is set as United Kingdom.

According to below:
" * If you used a driver’s license or passport from the United States when registering with Uphold, then your custodial account country will be “United States” (US)."

This doesn’t make sense, you should check by the country of residence, I am living in UK, paying taxes here and have a full time job and can’t use rewards due to ID documents issued in a different country.
What can I do to get my account synchronised ?

They do go by country of residence, but only if you’ve submitted proper photo ID. When you reside in a country you can get a Drivers License, Resident Permit, or something of the sort even if you’re not a citizen of that country.

It sounds like despite living somewhere and paying taxes, you’ve failed to ever get any ID to “prove” that. In order to get it working, you need to get a government ID from the UK.

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