Brave Rewards country does not match custodial account country

Hi There, I recently purchased a new Surface pro 8, and installed and sync Brave to my other PCs. When I tried to set up Brave rewards, I get the message saying the country doesn’t match the custodial country. However, I set everything up to the UK, as on all my other devices. Can you help, please?

Hello @Joe_tFb

Thanks for reaching out to Brave Support. Please submit a ticket to the Brave Rewards Support form:

From there a Support Agent can look further into the matter.

Have a great day!

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The country you select should match the country of your ID documents you use for your custodial account. For example, if you ID verified with a US passport, you should set your Brave Rewards to US.

Since you just installed recently, you can reset Brave Rewards and just start again and choose a different country this time.

@chriscat I don’t know what country to choose. My ID for Uphold is UK, and I am a UK citizen but I am currently working and resident abroad so truthfully show my current (non-UK) address in my Uphold profile. Both countries are supported by both Brave and Uphold but Brave (not Uphold) won’t work - says there’s a region mismatch.

Is this because am (truthfully) selecting my current location abroad - should I still select UK even though I am not physically there at the moment?

Should I change my Uphold profile address to my UK address too - even though I am not currently there?

Both my creator and regular Brave accounts have worked fine with Uphold for years. These latest (select your country) changes by Brave have completely messed everything up. Brave removed support for my country for a short while and then reinstated it some time ago but nothing works any more. Uphold have made it clear they have no issues and everything is in order with my Uphold account and that they continue to service me. The issue is because of Brave’s change of policy and select your country option. Mine just comes up as a mismatch all the time and now my creator account sites all seem to be unverified too. It’s hard to remain a diehard Brave fan when Brave is making life so difficult for its loyal and legitimate users in its attempts to foil the illegitimate ones. IMO (I work in financial services and familiar with all the AML/KYC considerations) they’re overthinking this and taking it way too far.

Then this is what you would need to choose, if this is where you’re at permanent. The country chosen just need to match with your custodial partner.


If you’re living and working in another country (especially for an extended period of time), then you should be getting a national ID (such as a visa) or a drivers license from that country. You’d then be able to update that with Uphold.

Correct. They just are doing KYC/AML and holding your money. That’s all Uphold does and cares about. You have provided all those details, so your account is in good standing.

The issue at hand is Brave is making payments to you. This is something that Uphold doesn’t do, right? Are they paying you for anything? The laws and regulations for this, especially in regards to taxes, are completely different in those circumstances. Thus Brave is trying to make sure it is doing what is legally required of it. This is especially the case after so many people have committed fraud.

But do you work with conditions similar to Brave’s? Do you specialize and fully understand international and local laws regarding cryptocurrency? Or are you just strictly someone who only is aware of just basic KYC/AML regulations for things such as opening a bank account?

  • If only it were that straightforward - I cannot use my ID from this country because whilst Uphold service this country, they do not accept the local currency nor credit/debit cards here so I wouldn’t be able to fund my account. Hence Uphold advised me to use my UK ID.

  • Although I run Thrive (my own business) I also have 30 years in legal and financial services - specifically international corporate, commercial, investment funds (including crypto) and cross-border litigation. So yes, I do understand AML/KYC and tax considerations relating to international payments, particularly so far as they affect where I live now.

So you are saying even though my IP/location will show where I am now, I should put UK? Only in the interests of transparency I was trying to be honest about where I live now, so that my account wouldn’t be flagged for physically being in a different location to that used for Brave and Uphold’s profiles.

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Based on conversations I’ve had with Support, selecting a country is not yet going to influence which ads you see. They will still be primarily looking at your IP address and device Locale to generate ads. They do intend to modify that for the future, to which they are debating a few options. Some examples of things to consider would be:

Option #1
It will pause Rewards while using VPN and you won’t earn until VPN is turned off. In order for ads to appear and you to earn from those ads, your Locale and IP will have to match the country you chose (and the country you chose must match your Uphold)

Option #2
You will continue to see ads regardless of your Locale and/or IP address. Instead ads will be provided to you based on the country you have been Verified with through Uphold and the country you chose in the browser.

While I have some level of confidence from prior conversations with Support, I can’t say I’m confident enough to provide you an affirmative answer on that. So I’ll see if @chriscat, @SaltyBanana, or @steeven to help clarify whether there may be issues in your circumstance or what would be suggested.

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You are always so helpful, thank you. I don’t use a VPN by the way. I defo prefer option 2! Anything so my browser and my creator account can operate properly again! :smiley:

While I have some level of confidence from prior conversations with Support, I can’t say I’m confident enough to provide you an affirmative answer on that. So I’ll see if @chriscat, @SaltyBanana, or @steeven to help clarify whether there may be issues in your circumstance or what would be suggested.

No news yet, so I have submitted a support ticket. I really hope for a positive response on this.

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