Uphold, Gemini, and bitFlyer none of these wallets supports my country what should I do now? stop using Brave?

Hey, I’m from Bangladesh & using the Brave browser for quite a while, recently I found out that Uphold, Gemini, and bitFlyer none of these wallets support my country Bangladesh, what should a Bangladeshi brave user do to withdraw their earnings?

should we stop using Brave or you guys are going to add a new wallet that supports my country?

ig i have to stop using this chrome copy version browser because looks like even developer don’t know how to do what to do.

Does anyone know any admin or mod? please mention them here I need help

Unfortunately, you can’t withdraw that without those 3 services. (at least in a normal way)
Here’s some choices for you:

(these options will not allow you to withdraw)

  1. Stop using brave.
  2. Keep using brave and tip those BAT earnings to verified creators.
  3. Keep using brave until they will add more services that is allowed in your country then you will withdraw all those BAT by that time (brave is constantly looking for partners but that is easier said than done, they have to create api access keys, and also must adhere to the law in custodianships)

(these options will allow you to get your BAT but this is a little bit risky)

  1. Keep using brave to earn BAT, then look for someone that is a verified creator and is also trusted. You will have an agreement that you will tip him/her and in return s/he will send your BAT to your desired address. (note: if you get scammed that’s on you).
  2. Look for someone that is trusted which has a spare slot in their custodian wallet. You will ask him/her to let you connect your wallet to their custodian wallet. The payment will go to their external account of course but since you agreed to each other then he will send your cut to your desired address (again this is not scam-proof.)

why it’s so hard for brave to add trustwallet?

That is out of the question, because “trust wallet” is a non-custodial wallet.
But the law mandates brave to use custodial wallet in this kind of business… This was explained many times in reddit and in this forum.

Why would you stop using Brave?
Brave is a great browser. Many user use it because of privacy and ad free. Those annoying popups that keep in bothering us in other browsers.

Yes, there are issues. Brave is still under development. But they are doing a great job.

Meanwhile you can accumulate BAT in your unverified wallet. And, once your country is allowed by any of the supported wallets, you can get it. There are plans to add more wallets. But it will take some time. So, just enjoy the ride.


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