South africa no longer supported by Gemini? What happens to my BAT thats in there now, isnt this Robbery

Admins please respond to this? How am I supposed to use my BAT in Gemini now if its not enough yet? Did I lose all my earnings thus far now because I need to make an uphold account?


This has happened in a lot of countries.

Gemini is available in South Africa. However, you cannot use it in your Brave browser. So If you already had some BAT in your Gemini wallet. You can still use it.

Meanwhile, use the Uphold account for the BAT rewards cause there’s no other way.

Brilliant, I though I would find an answer to my problem soon enough. I have been struggling with brave and Gemini support and boom I found your post. just one question, the minimum balance of 2 bat uphold requires, does this need to be in my brave wallet or uphold?

If the minimum still exists, it’s what you need to have earned in Rewards before you can link/send it over to Uphold.

I say “if it still exists” because there was a time it had been talked of getting rid of the minimum required. Yet also was a time they needed more than 2 BAT, so it’s possible they just lowered the amount needed rather than eliminate.

Gemini can be a pain, but how is it you’ve been struggling with Brave support? I just looked and haven’t seen you post anything here before today.

Btw, it might help if you want to take the time and read everything in the FAQ I made, which addresses some more common questions and issues. You can see it at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

Why not? What’s changed?

Brave-Gemini support is in limited countries now. However, Gemini alone is operated in many countries including South Africa. So, if you have some BATs in Gemini, you can still use their wallet to get them.

Brave-Uphold support I think is still there in South Africa. I would suggest to check that and use it instead of Gemini.

Also, check the supported regions page for both these wallets. Some new guidelines are there.

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