Uphold account Suspended for no reason

Hello! My name is Riddhesh and I am from India. So I am a brave user since month now and I was trying to verify my uphold account, as brave needs a verified uphold account to transfer BAT Tokens. So I opened uphold account just after Downloading brave newly as my friend recommended me and instructed me to verify my uphold account as he has his verified. So my friend asked me to do the same process as he did for verifying and that is we indians here have a (Aadhaar card) as our Indian nationality id proof so I verified my account with my id card and my selfie and started an account and Immediately after hours my account was put in review. So I waited for not days, not weeks but I waited a whole month!! After a month I then mailed uphold about why was my account in review for a month, neither they replied me in between for anything while my account was in review for a month!! So after hours their reply came that “We can’t continue to offer you a account” and I’m like why would they do so, my friends account was verified but why not mine?? I tried making another account after making it got registered but same thing “We can’t continue to offer you a account”. So I tried it with my Mother’s phone with her verification proof. Her verification was accepted then suddenly her account was blocked same thing came as before. I mailed from my account about why they blocked it they didn’t gave me any reason because of their consent and also they never gave me any suggestions what to do. So please @brave help me solve this. I don’t know any other way how to transfer my BAT from brave browser now. Please look into this as soon as possible!! @Mattches please help me

Can you please send me a DM with the email you used when attempting to create your Uphold account?

Yes, I have Dm you the mail also Thanks for replying to my mail, you are a helpful person :pleading_face::heart:

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