Uphold account suspended

Uphold suspended my account without explanation.

After several failed attempts to verify my account, I asked the Uphold chat support for help.
They advised me to turn off Brave Shield while using their site, which I did, and then I was able to upload my documents without issues.
After that, it took several days for the verification process, which unfortunately never happened.
I received an email telling me that they suspended my account and that they can’t offer me an account at the moment.
They said that this was a result of their automated system check and they can’t provide any information on why they suspended the account.
Then they wished me good luck…

I find this totally unacceptable and since this is probably due to an issue they’re having with Brave’s shield, I believe we should be able to manage our BAT tokens through more than one wallet, especially if this particular wallet appears to have issues with the very core properties of the Brave mechanism.

Has anyone else here experienced the same problem?

Thank you

If uphold account gets suspended it cannot be verified again.

That’s correct.
Which makes all this a lot more unacceptable.

Have you had this problem too Rishu?

Yes in past faced the same issue.

@Asad assistance needed here.

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