Uphold Account disable for no clear reason

Hello, I have an incoming reward from Brave 4 days from now, I have created Uphold account 3 days ago and got fully verified, but today I receive an email from them that they disable/block my account for a reason they dont wanna tell me. I swear Im doing nothing wrong. I already contacted them but they say they cant help me to re enable my account. Is there any way you can help me to re enable my account on Uphold? I would really appreciate it

well, I guess nobody can help, I’ll just contact Uphold which I already did, and expect nothing from them

This is it. They don’t care about the problems with the browser. They just want to dictate what you can and can’t ask, and devil take your other stuff not in any of the FAQs. They’ve made it clear, they want to hide behind their website, and hell with their users.

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