Update Brave browser 2022

I’ve been getting a pop up on my laptop for me to update my Brave browser. I’ve been ignoring it, but just clicked on it and the final step to install and restart appeared. And I thought “How do I know this is really Brave?” So I did some searching with settings and search engines and now these forums… I ASSSUME it’s authentic as I see there was an new version released in May of 2022 and it’s only June… but I really couldn’t find which version I currently have, a way through their website to update, and a way to check info from the pop up window to “install and restart.” So… I haven’t made the final click. My question is, how do I know it’s authentic? I do use Safari as well.


Authentic sources for Brave Browser:

At that 2nd URL address, click on the verson number that you want.

Latest Brave Browser (Android / Linux / Mac / Windows) version: 1.39.120 (Wednesday, June 8, 2022)

If using a Mac, then Mac OS version must be 10.13 or later.

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