How to see if brave is updated

i would like to know how to see if brave browser is updated at the last version,
and of course where can i see what is the latest version of brave

thank you so much

@CIMMERO which device? When you create topics here, it really helps us to help you if you can provide some basic info. As the answers vary depending on things like the OS you’re using. For example:

You can view which version of Brave you’re using by going to Settings → About.

However, how to update will change.

  • If you’re on Windows or Mac, it will auto update when you go to check the browser version in many cases.

  • If you’re on Linux, I think many have to get updates through (I can’t remember the term, but it’s at

  • If you’re on Android you have to go to Google Play and update, assuming you don’t have Auto Update enabled.

  • If you’re on iOS, you have to go to App Store and update, assuming you don’t have Auto Update enabled.

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@Saoiray, I can see my version in the same place on my android? [Settings>About]

Not sure if you’re literally asking or if you’re thinking I phrased wrong. If asking, the answer is yes.

If you’re saying I didn’t answer right, might have missed where I said same way for all devices on how you can check which browser version you have.:

But the main thing I was differentiating on though is that Android doesn’t auto update from there like Desktop does. So if you want to see if there’s a pending update, you’d have to go to Google Play (or on iOS the App Store). It would be neat if Brave added something to let User know on Mobile if the browser it up-to-date, but it doesn’t yet exist from what I’ve seen.

And yeah, maybe I should rephrase if there’s some sort of possible confusion being mentioned.

Oh sorry, @Saoiray - no I thought perhaps you hadn’t spotted the version info is available there. Sorry, my bad, and you’re entirely right of course. :slight_smile:

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I changed phrasing anyway and provided lot more information. Thanks for responding. Sometimes good reminder things need to be mentioned differently to help prevent confusion/misunderstandings.

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hi, you told me all the alternatives except the one I really need, I have windows 11, on the pc XD
anyway I went on about setting how you suggested and it worked

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