Older versions of Brave for Mac OS Sierra?

I’ve seen answers for this question on a search, but it’s out of date and I can’t find it anywhere else so apologies if it is here, but can I get a older download of Brave for Sierra, whatever the last version was that works


you can find them at

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Many thanks. You wouldn’t happen to know which one would you?

Would be somewhere aroun 1.41.X


Many thanks, will give it a go

Lol, just checked. The github doesn’t have downloads for versions before 1.45.X

The one mentioned in that post is here, but there are 25 different downloads, which one do you use?
pkg or dmg etc
arm64, universal, x64 etc?

While I will say I do not recommend running such an old version as it is missing a litany of security updates, bug fixes, etc — if you’re running OSX Sierra I’d recommend going with the .pkg or .dmg download.

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Thanks, and presume x64 not arm64
what is Universal

Hello @TSC as @SmartyAadi said it will be around 1.41.x based on this

so this what is guess the latest version i found

and as Mattches said i do not recommened that you use that old version

by the way firefox still support mac os 10.12 https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/112.0.1/system-requirements/

if you interested and have a nice day everyone :slight_smile:


Thanks for that, I really don’t get on with Firefox, I was so used to Brave, but when I updated, it wouldn’t open, and I lost the old one. Thanks for this I’ll give this one a go

you welcome and good luck :slight_smile:

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Out of interest, this version of Brave came with a load of files I"ve never seen before, along with the usual masses of Library folders, it’s listing Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo etc to name but a few, twitterinlinetipping youtube and vimeo ‘autocontribution’ etc. etc. Is this a new thing, and what is it all for? This isn’t spyware is it?

which version you mean the old one 1.41 or you mean the latest version

if you talking about the old version then it hard to get support about it as many things could be changed

if you talk about the latest version could you be more specific about when those files and the inline tipping exist long time ago

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Hey. Thanks for response. It’s the V 1.41. I can’t download later than that. I never had all these files when I had the even older Brave prior, for years. What is all that autocontribution stuff. Are they affiliated with all of them. I hadn’t even opened browser and saw Vimeo Reddit etc that I never used? But all Brave folder related. I just wondered what their relevance is.

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you welcome

i do not use the reward system a while ago but the autocontribution was an option that allow you to contribute with tips using the bats you get from the reward system for reddit/youtube/twitter/and more to support the publisher you like

for the files it could be related to that but i can not be sure as i disabled the reward system

Edit: using the latest version if you go to brave://settings/rewards you can see the setting for enable or disable it maybe it under another section for the old version you have so go to the setting and check anything related to reward there

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Thanks very much. Didn’t realise that’s what it alluded to. I wondered whether it was something that shouldn’t have been there. Long as it’s all legit, that’s fine. Thanks again

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@TSC you very welcome :slight_smile:

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