Update as usual

Updates, updates everywhere not a smooth transition anyway. I remember there was a movie where people waiting these software guys to release an update so they can see what’s new. You know just a change of scenery for a day or 2.
Found a thread related to the issue i created this thread for - Multiple Bugs/Issues

Apart from the history, passwords being cleaned out, its working similar to chrome, given that it cleaned out the changes made by the user in the previous version.

There is a new issue which is when there are search results given on a page say 10. When click on each of them one by one, each tab opens to the left . In normal way, the first one is on the left, the next one should be on the right of the first one and so on. But here new tab opens to the left moving the first opened tab to the far right.

This has started after the latest update brave relased.

Any solution?

Interesting. I wonder if it has anything to do with brave://flags settings as in the post linked below. Otherwise, I have no suggestions. lol You may want to post your Brave and OS version at brave://version which will probably help another community member and/or Brave support staff troubleshoot.

Have you tried any of the “catchall” troubleshooting steps?

  1. Updated to latest Brave version
  2. Clear history/cache for all time, exit browser and reopen
  3. Disable any extensions and/or open in a new private window
  4. Reset settings

I haven’t yet. I guess there was a new update few days back and that made the browser even more slower.
Are they trying to compete in the race where who is the slowest one wins?

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