Moving Tabs Working as Expected now TYVM!

Moving Tabs are working as expected now. I hope it lasts and isn’t a glitch. lol

Before, when I tried to move a tab within the same window, it would pop out and open in a new window and I couldn’t drag it back to the first window! It was very irritating. :crazy_face:

Now, I can move the tab anywhere I want: within the same window, to a new window, and back again. Woot! :joy:

I don’t know what changed or when, but tyvm for the fix! :heart_eyes:

This problem was fixed for me, as well, but now it’s inexplicably back. Recently got an update bringing me to 137.109 and the old tab issue came with it. Sheesh.

@Emmalfal Still working as intended for me with the new version update. I am using Win10.

Just for giggles, have you tried clearing history/cache, exiting brave, and opening back up? I have no idea if this will work, but it appears that a lot of issues are resolved by clearing history/cache after new version updates. Just an observation, not a fact. lol

I do all that regularly because after a while, I start experiencing freeze-ups on my Linux Mint system. I’ve never determined if that freezing is a browser issue, but it doesn’t seem to affect the tab weirdness.

Hmmm, this was an issue for Linux systems (not sure about Mint specifically) and fix was released in version 1.34.81. I wonder if this is a regression for Linux users specifically? Did you test in Chrome and is it happening there as well?