Remove new tab bug

Every time i open brave, a tab opens with the text in the address bar:


Seriously, what is this? I already cleared the history, cache, and cookies and it still does this. I also already set the “On startup” setting to “Open the new tab page”. Can someone help me as this started happening like 2 days ago and its annoying.

Interesting – looks like some sort of flag that was set.
Can you:

  1. Share a screenshot of how this appears when you open the browser?
  2. Tell me what extensions you have installed at this time (if any)?
  3. Go to brave://flags and tell me if you have any of these flags set to Enabled (any that have that value will appear at the top of the list – you don’t have to scroll through that gigantic list of flags)?

1 & 2.

  1. I’ve had smooth scrolling on the the flags but i turned every flag off to see if it would fix the problem but it didnt.

@Mattches, Are you still there?

When you go to brave://flags – any flags set to Enabled will appear at the very top of the list. If you visit that page, can you confirm that no flags are enabled at this time?

I would also wager that – if it’s not the flags – then it’s one of the extensions causing the issue. Can you try creating a new browser profile (Menu --> Create profile) and see if you get the same behavior when using the new profile?

No flags are turned on and the bug does not happen on a new profile. Is it possible to keep the ad block stats from the old profile to a new profile? This question has been answered by others in this site, but i cant seem to find the path to the file needed so im guessing the person is using a mac. Is there a path for the pc version?

I know that you said you already cleared cache/cookies – did you try clearing it from “all time”? Also, again, it very well may be an extension issue – I’d highly recommend testing with every extension disabled.

Sorry forgot to mention that turning off all extensions didn’t fix it. And yes cache and cookies from all time were removed and it didn’t work either.

But the issue isn’t present in a new profile? That seems…pretty strange. You can try pulling the data from the
~\Users\[Your user name]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\BraveBrowser\User Data\default directory – simply copy this directory and paste/replace the data into the profile folder of your new profile (may simply be named Profile 1 unless you chose a different name). But the concern is that whatever data is causing this issue will also be carried over.

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But I’m just copying just the Adblock data. Is that issue that I’m having embedded in the Adblock data code?

I don’t believe so – but to be honest I can’t guarantee that. Worst case scenario is that you transfer this data over and see the issue appear again. That means we have more information about the issue itself and can take steps to further diagnose/resolve it.

Let me know what turns up.

So what ended up happening is I went to the brave profile that had that problem and moved all of its contents to a folder on the desktop. Then I uninstalled Brave completely and downloaded and reinstalled it again. I went back to the path of the profile of the new brave and deleted everything in it and put everything in the back up folder on my desktop into it. I opened brave and the problem was GONE. For sanity check I closed and reopened brave 3 times and restarted my pc once more and it was gone. In addition, my ad block stats, extensions, and faves are still there as if nothing happened. All good now.

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That’s excellent news! :tada:
I had confidence that it would be okay, but it can be tricky sometimes. Glad you got this worked out. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions – thank you :slight_smile: