Sorry to say but brave is ridiculous after an update

I have several profiles setup
I have one that has several tabs open all of the time
YES I do have the little box setup for start where you left off
Now I go to history and restore 24 tabs WHAT A POS
It used to work that way
PIA browser since the update


What OS and Brave version are you using? Can you share a screenshot of the exact issue? Thanks in advance.

Windows 10, latest Brave 63 bit browser
Appears to be a glitch in 1 profile I have
If I close it, reopen I get a NEW tab page, go to history reopen 24 tabs, they all open
Close the NEW single tab page or merge the single tab into the page with 24 tabs open.
When I close the page with 24 tabs open and reopen I get 1 NEW tab
Go to history and repeat
So I made a new profile using all the bookmarks and passwords
Deleted the old profile
New profile works
too many bugs for me anyway in this new update still hiccupping here

Hi @312922, wanted to check back in. Are things still working as expected with the new profile?

I have deleted ALL the profiles I had
saved only bookmarks and passwords
Started over
It is ridiculous to have to do this
I did get rid of the hiccupping, and the tabs all open correct now

I am not sorry to say it. :slight_smile:
It became pathetic.

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