Multiple Bugs/Issues

Description of the issue:

I’ve noticed my browser is much slower and buggy of late and there are a few issues that seem to keep occurring.

Also, Brave seems to bog down my PC more than before. Consuming significant portions of my CPU & memory often, even with only a few simple tabs open.

Often tabs must be refreshed even upon entering a new screen/URL as they will get stuck in the loading screen.

However, the main issue is with multiple tabs open. If a tab is left unattended for a while (20 minutes or so), it’s as if it gets out of sync and must be clicked on where it will then refresh on its own.

If this is not done and the tab is simply left out of sync in the background, performance of the browser is significantly reduced. All of out sync tabs must be refreshed for the browser to function well again.

I don’t recall this happening when I began using Brave years ago. Is this a new issue? Is it related to caching? Could too many extensions bog down the browser?

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open multiple tabs and don’t click back to one for a while so it will get “out of sync” and need to be refreshed.
  2. Before syncing the old tabs, try to open a new tab and go to a URL or simply complete tasks on an already open & in sync tab.
  3. Monitor performance of browser when doing above and also when all tabs are “in sync”.

Expected result:

Same as above. Hopefully someone can help me resolve this issue!

Brave Version( check About Brave):


Additional Information:

Does anyone else experience this issue?

Short story is yes, some users have shared concerns about slowness of the browser or pages not loading since they updated to 1.39.111 and Brave has started an investigation on it.

That one is new to me.

Yes, at times. Though usually what can happen is that through updates, the browser and extension can sometimes clash with each other and cause problems. The best thing to do in order to rule it out is to do two different troubleshooting steps and see if you still have the issue(s).

  1. Try opening in a New Private Window. See if things go smoothly or if it acts up.
    If it still acts up, then try
  2. Go to Settings (hamburger menu) > Create a New Profile and try surfing under a New Profile.

These two things will help rule out of it’s something in settings, if it’s an extension, or if it’s something else.

Also, before you do any of that, I’d make sure you run a malware scan with something like Malwarebytes just to be safe.

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Try to disable hardware acceleration. It solved the slowness for me.


Even i disabled hw acc and things went smoother.


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