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This issue is happening on both my personal and work phones where I use Brave as my default bowser. When I bring up a news site like MSN or FoxNews or CNN, if I select any story, as expected, that story opens up. When I’m done reading it, I hit the back button and the article closes. I’m then back at the main page of the news site. Then, within a couple of seconds, the article I was just reading is re-opened. If I hit the back button, I’m taken back to the Brave Home page, not the news site main page. This just started happening yesterday on both phones. One is a Samsung Galaxy S10+ and the other is a Samsung Galaxy S21+. Both have the latest updates and both have the latest version of Brave Browser. This is really annoying.

Hello @Rqueneau

Thanks for bringing this to our attention and I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. Could you kindly clear cookies and cache.

  1. Click on the Menu icon in the top right, and go to Settings
  2. Select Site Settings --> Cookies

Let me know if that works!

This is on an Android phone. With the Brave browser open, there is no menu icon in the top right. There are 3 dots in the lower right and selecting that brings up a menu which includes ‘Settings’. Within Settings there is ‘Site Settings → Cookies’, however, there is no choice to clear cookies or cache. There are only choices to allow o block cookies.

I’ve also removed and re-installed Brave on both phones and the problem is still there.

Hi @Rqueneau

Thanks for your reply we appreciate the details. Just 2 more questions, Is this happening on specific pages or on all pages? Could you kindly try to use a private tab?

Let me know if that works!

It happens for all pages. If I long press on an article and select ‘Open in Private Tab’, read the article and then press the back button to close the private tab, I’m taken back to the main page. The previous page/article doesn’t reopen.

@Rqueneau Just fyi, I just tested on my Android and am not having the same issue. There have been times I’ve experienced something similar, but that’s when websites redirect. When it’s redirects, it goes Page 1Redirect LinkPage 2. So when you’re on Page 2 and you hit Back, it just backs up to the Redirect Link, which then does its job to bring you to Page 2.

When that happens, you usually have to hold Back and it will provide a longer list of sites you’ve seen. From there, you click on where you want to go back to.

That said, I wasn’t experiencing that problem on MSN or CNN. Didn’t try Fox News on recording because of time, but I did try myself and didn’t have the issue.

You can kind of see small video of a test at:

I’ll go ahead and keep the video, but I didn’t notice until it was uploaded. Screen recording I was doing on my Android actually blacked out the page in Private Tab. I guess somehow it sends a message to respect privacy on it and screen recording couldn’t see it. I’m going to have to test that later and see how that works. So yeah, video doesn’t necessarily work as intended to show you no issues, as you’ll see a black screen when new tab is open and won’t see screen again until it returns to normal tab.

In it I tried the Open in Private Tab and went back. Then I clicked on normal link without opening in new tab. Both ways seemed to work as intended.

Only other thing I’ll mention, in case it plays a part , is my Shield settings. If you’ve never been given these instructions before, it’s kind of hard to know you can do, as it’s not openly shown on Android for some reason.

In your address/search bar, type in brave://adblock and it will open a page showing Additional Filters. I do have Fanboy Annoyances List and uBlock Annoyances List checked. I didn’t test if disabling those would create an issue similar. But I guess if you want to make sure to activate that on your Android, it at least will help a lot on reducing ads on places you visit and overall let the browser run a lot smoother.

Thanks for info. Tried your suggestions on both phones and the result are the same. Keep getting redirected back to the page I just closed. BTW; long pressing the back button on my S21+ does not bring up a list of any kind for me. It does bring up the list on my S10+. When I selected the main page of FoxNews, it took me there but then almost immediately redirected me to the page I was previously on. Doing that again took me to the main page without a subsequent redirect.
As I mentioned earlier, this just started happening two days ago on both phones.

That’s weird. And I guess you’re saying no change when you clear cache and/or cookies.

When you say no option to clear cookies or cache, guessing you looked in the wrong place. Cache is cleared from within Android’s settings. So SettingsAppsBraveClear Cache

Cookies would be done inside Brave and there are two options:

Option #1
Hamburger menuSettingsBrave Shields & PrivacyClear Browsing History → then you just select to clear and go all time or so, it will remove all cookies.

Option #2
Go to sitetap on lock on address barcookies and site datatrash can button next to where it says # cookies in use.

Option #2 just clears cookies in use for the one site. Option #1 gets rid of all cookies. Remember in clearing cookies, it will log you out of sites and all.

Anyway, guess I’ll tag the good ole Browser Support, which is @Mattches to see if other ideas.

Yeah seems like its likely a caching issue but if clearing it for those sites doesn’t help and reinstalling also doesn’t help then I’m not sure what’s going on here. I also cannot reproduce this on my Galaxy S22+

I’m wondering if you can test this on Chrome for me and tell me if it shows the same behavior?

Works fine in Chrome. Just tried it. Opened all articles and hit back arrow and was taken back to main page with no redirect to page I just left/closed.

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Very strange behavior — reaching out to the Android team for more information on why this may be the case. To be clear, is this the case for all websites, or just the sites you named above?

Just the sites mentioned above. Doesn’t happen very often with MSN or CNN but happens a lot with Fox.

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