Unwanted BAT Transaction

Hello Brave Community,

I had two transactions taken out of my Uphold Account to Brave Software International. I contacted Uphold to see if this was a mistake since I wanted to distribute the rewards I have gathered from the passed month somewhere else. I wanted to see if each Transaction could be refunded back in my Uphold account instead.

Here is the message I received from Uphold:
"The BAT sent might have been by tipping another user. We recommend to contact Brave Support so that they may inform you more properly.

“You may want to contact Brave support directly at support@brave.com, or browse their FAQ for more details: https://brave.com/faq

*I may have accidentally given back to Brave when I was changing the auto-contribute settings today and visited their website which would make sense. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Brave because they have made this Brave Rewards experiment possible and I deeply appreciate all they do for us :slight_smile:

Best Regards.

@steeven Would you mind helping me in this situation? I saw your name on a post related to my issue so that’s how I found you :slight_smile: . I’m currently using the Windows 10 OS and Brave Version 0.70.121

Hi @metalmyles1, @steeven is on vacation right now, so I’m happy to help you.

It’s likely that Auto-Contribute caused this, I’m afraid! That was going to be the first thing I asked.

Was it a very significant amount of BAT? :thinking:

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Hi @Asad. I am assuming it was auto-contribute settings since I changed it right before the payment was sent. There were two individual transactions that were taken out in 14.75 and 19.8 BAT. Now it does seem that Brave has paid me about 13.75 BAT in response which was nice of course :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it! Keep in mind that you can control how much BAT you want Auto-Contribute to dish out every month. You can see this in the Rewards Settings panel (brave://rewards).

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@Asad At least I gave it to an organization I support :slight_smile: Thank you for the tip! And Thank you for your help.

I have one more question: If I turn off auto-contribute, will the funds idly sit in my Uphold account? I ask this since I’d like to send some BAT to a personal account of mine during the year.

Your funds will be idle in your uphold account
brave wallet and uphold wallet is different
brave wallet and uphold can be linked for the purpose of withdrawals and deposit
rewards can also be funded by other Cryptocurrency

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Yes, they’ll stay in your Uphold account :slight_smile:

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I didn’t contribute any BAT to a website but brave said I contributed all of my BAT and the website doesn’t even accept it!!! It’s a weather forecast website!!!

I had auto contribute off in the Brave settings page accessed from upper right hamburger menu from one of my computers. Now I’m told that I need to access brave://rewards to actually turn off the auto contribute from what appears to be every instance of Brave. Thanks for the $5 that it cost me. When are you going to implement account syncing so that users don’t have to keep turning on and off the same settings in every computer and will be able access the bookmarks saved from every computer?