Unverified Verified Brave partner

Hello Brave, I love your web browser and have enjoyed using it. I’m a Brave Partner but I’m witnessing inconsistency with website recognizing my partnership.
For instance https://www.Twitch.tv/Fizzor

When I view it myself it displays Brave Verified Partner, but when viewing it outside my account it is not there. This has been an issue I’ve seen for a while, and summited a ticket with someone that works in your partner program. (I don’t remember his name since I’ve stopped using Twitter)

Any help on this would be great, thank you! (apologies if this is listed somewhere else on the site.)


I think it’s worth mentioning, that I just removed my twitch channel under the brave creators site and re added it. Not sure if it has solved the issue, since now my phone and desktop are sync’d lol.


I think this it’s a web compability issue to be addressed to.

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