Publisher verification not showing up in browser

I sent an email to support yesterday and was redirected here. Perhaps someone here can help me. Content of the email here.

Hi Brave Support Team,

This morning I re-verified my publisher credentials for my website, after I noticed it was considered unverified in the Brave Browser. (It seems I had placed the verification file in the root .well-known instead of the public_html .well-known.) I just got an email saying it is now verified, but it still doesn’t show up in the browser as such (still says unverified). Does it take time to show up, or has there been an error?

David Boyd

Edit to this post:
I have added screenshots now.

Thanks for recaching out – for future reference, you’ll get the fastest support here on Community!
As for your verification problem, I’ve seen other users report this happening and it looks like we have an open issue to address this error:

Once quick thing to try is disabling Rewards, closing the app, clearing it from system memory (killing the process), relaunching and re-enabling Rewards.

The above steps didn’t work. Desktop Brave also shows my site as unverified.

Edit: Checked again just now, and it is finally showing up as verified. Not sure if Brave staff did something to fix it manually, or if it just took 24 hours to update the listing, but it is good now! Thank you for the response.

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