Twitch not showing verified anymore when I am!

I had my Twitch channel linked for ages. It used to say verified using Brave when viewing the page.
It shows in my creators page as added still, just not when you visit using brave.

Now it doesn’t anymore.
I re-added it but it still doesn’t show verified.
I have seen others have this issue with Twitch too.

Any advice or a way to contact support??

It is verified in Brave rewards creators but just not showing anymore as verified on Twitch!


Hi @ukheather, what’s the URL for your twitch domain?

It is registered on my creator account and used to show under brave browser as registered fine. Then it just stopped working.

It was verified for months and worked fine but then just stopped working. I re added it to see if that fixed it but it didn’t.
It just shows not verified when you visit the channel on twitch

Yeah! Same happens to me on twitter. Not showing verified :roll_eyes:

Thanks for reporting. Checking with the team on this.

Hi @ukheather this issue should be fixed in our latest update (available as of 5min ago). Please let me know if the issue continues!

still says not verified on brave


Tried again just now and it is working. Thank you for fixing.

Great! Thanks for the update @ukheather.

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