Unverified status keeps showing up preventing ads

I am trying to understand why this is happening. My browser seems to keep showing unverifed status even though i am verified. Only way i can get verified status back is to turn off internet connection and turn back on. Seems some app or something keeps throttling my internet connection on brave specifically. I am missing out on a lot of ads because of it. I think this is not fair and would like suggestions on how to prevent it. It is not my internet connection. I checked. I rebooted and i reopened brave. I cleared cache and checked dns settings. There is not hardware excelleration settings on my phone as far as i can see. Android latest version of brave. I use gemini for wallet. I could not find a topic on this. Any help would be appreciated.

Does restarting the app work?
Also please specify your Brave and Chromium Version.
This happens on my phone as well, I get the unverified after keeping Brave in background for a while. It does work fine after restarting app.

The whole point of leaving it open in the background is to get ads while you are doing something and still be able to click the pop ups. So if it shuts off every time you do that it is limiting ads for you. Not right. Also, they have a setting that states let ads appear in background. I have the latest version of brave and chrome. I updated both. Restarting it has no effect. Only shuts off when on and have to turn off wifi and turn back on to get it back. 1-47-175 brave. 109-0-5414-87 chrome.

This doesn’t sound to be working as intended. I see you’re saying using Brave 1.47.175. Has this been happening on prior versions or is this new, @Covop3? Also, which version of Android are you using?

Also out of curiosity, do you use a VPN or proxy on your Android by chance?

Lastly, just to clarify, you’re saying Rewards shows you as Unverified but then simply disabling and enabling your Wi-Fi will cause your Rewards to show you Verified again?

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On prior versions no this did not happen. Started this week. G820um40a version of android. I do not use a vpn. Yes on getting verified status back. It just seems to be not getting loaded as it normally should or being blocked somehow. I was told by another that chrome update has been disrupting services. Rollercoin does not work on brave anymore since chrome update. Just something to think about. then i tried closing and opening brave and it does not come back. Then i turn off wifi then turn it back on and it comes back. I am not familiar with a proxy. I did not set up anything to do what a vpn does. I used to use a vpn before brave but do not use one now.

Ok, if I’m seeing that right, would be Android 12 for OS. So at least is newer version. I’m going to tag @SaltyBanana and @Evan123 in hopes maybe they might have some ideas what’s going on or what steps to take on troubleshooting.

VPN and Proxy are very similar. Both of them are used to mask your IP address by routing through another node. Primary difference is VPN also encrypts info. There’s a lot more to it, but that’s kind of the simplified answer.

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I kinda thought that was what proxy was. I don’t use either that or a vpn currently. Thanks for the forward.

Hi @Covop3 thanks for bringing this to our attention.
Sending you a DM with a couple questions.

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