Rewards not showing. Keeps loading and unverified

I do not seem to be getting many ads on the moment. Also mij uphold wallet connection is now unverified and my current rewards and keeps loading. How can i solve this?

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@Cornelis ,It takes a bit longer to get rewards and ads to go thru because they are making improvements Wich can cause delays but it will come soon , just wait

I’ll suggest Restatying brave and restarting a device once. Happens on my phone too, mine is verified with Gemini. Sometimes when I have Brave in my background apps and return to it, it shows unverified and keeps loafing forever. Restarting Brave helps.

We actually had a post about this but can’t seem to find it at the moment
@Thrive can you please share it if you have a link to it? Thanks! I reckon that you had a similar issue and had posted to that thread.

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Rebooting worked. Thanks for the help


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Sorry I’m late. I don’t recall seeing any post with a fix for that particular glitch, other than restarting as you suggested. I still have it sometimes. I think admin wanted to share screens but don’t recall hearing further on that, but may have somehow missed it.

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