Why is it showing unverified?

Because you haven’t connected a wallet

Actually they might be connected. I have a connected wallet on my android device which frequently shows me as unverified just like the screenshot above. Refreshing doesn’t help but I found that closing and then reopening the browser usually fixes it for me.

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@Thrive This has been a longstanding and annoying issue that’s been hard for us to reproduce.

  1. When this happens, can you go into brave://rewards-internals quickly, and see if it says “Rewards profile not yet created”? I’m assuming that after browser relaunch, all this will be populated.

  2. Is there any unique/special about your Android phone or your setup? Or are you pretty much a standard Android phone user who doesn’t customize too much, isn’t running all kinds of VPNs, modifications, etc.?

  3. Would you be able to share your Android phone version?

  4. If (1) is an accurate description of what’s going on, would you be able to leave it in that state (where it says “Rewards profile not yet created”), and be open to doing a screenshare/call with one of our Android engineers?

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Is your Creators account connected to Uphold or Gemini? If so, are you in a supported region?

In case the answer is yes for both questions, I suggest you to open a support ticket using the link below. There have been some issues with verified channels.

  1. I’ve previously reported this happens (months ago when the rewards were all paying out wrong) yes, and yes this also fixes itself when the browser relaunch works. The only difference with mine is I cannot see the balance just a whirring wheel, whereas I noted in the screenshot above they can at least see their balance so perhaps not the same issue after all.
  2. Nothing unique, standard set up no modifications or VPN - Samsung A50
  3. Android phone running Brave version 1.46.146, Chromium 108.0.53591.128.
  4. Yes I can but timing is important, I cannot do this during work hours

@chriscat I would like to add myself to users experiencing this issue.

  1. Yes, the rewards profile is shown as not created. Relaunching the browser fixes the issue temporarily. I would like to add that this issue seems to be like something related to RAM management issue on my device, as when I leave Brave running in the background on my device for some time and when I enter brave, this issue occurs.

  2. Nothing special about it.

  3. Poco X3 Pro, Miui 13.0.4, Android 12

Surely. Would love to help / contribute. The only problem could be with matching the time, I am from India so we are pretty different about time.

This is a screenshot of the above.

This is contrary to what it says at the rewards-internals page, lol.

My creator account has Uphold Account Connect. Even after that I can’t send tip to anyone

If you read the notice there, it’s pretty self - explanatory. The one having the red exclamation mark and is above the Creator referral blue box.

I have the same RAM issue with Brave also on the faulty android profile. Every day I get a warning on my phone that its using too much background resources. Also the browser keeps freezing up while browsing. I’m actually thinking of resetting or reinstalling to see if it fixes everything, because this has been on every update for months now and not getting any better.

Just make sure you’re in a supported region, so that if you do reset or reinstall, you’ll be able to connect back.

@thrive @chriscat I also noticed that this is not just an issue on one device. It happens on all androids I use. I have an android having 8 Gb of ram and even when around 4 is free, Brave will show the same thing. So makes me think that Brave app just stops accessing the storage or something, lol. Not much of a tech guy so I might sound st upid.

Curious. Is yours an old install? (Mine’s 2020). Seriously considering a reinstall now after rewards transfer to Uphold before I lose too much BAT.

What do you mean by a old install ?

Thanks! But I sorted that old problem by resetting. I live in two supported regions and had chosen my location rather than the location on my ID with Uphold and was getting a region mismatch. So all good now. Only problem left is this issue on my android (which as I said has been going on for months now) and my creator sites not showing as verified. Disconnecting and reconnecting fixed the website but not YT and Twitter - still looking into that.

No. for me, its not much of an issue. It loads perfectly fine once I close Brave and open it again.

Meaning I’ve been connected on this phone since 2020. I am wondering if the app is messy/glitchy because of all the updates since then. There only seem to be a few people still having this issue. Perhaps a fresh install or reset will clear this.

Lol sure. In my case, my new android where I installed brave just last month, this still happens so IDK what the actual reason might be.

That tells me a reinstall/reset might not fix the problem then, thanks for helping me troubleshoot! :slight_smile:

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